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The Campanian Ignimbrite is a 4200 km 3 trachyte^phonolite pyroclastic deposit that erupted at 39Á3 AE 0Á1ka within the Campi Flegrei west of Naples, Italy. Here we test the hypothesis that Campanian Ignimbrite magma was derived by isobaric crystal fractionation of a parental basaltic trachyandesitic melt that reacted and came into local equilibrium with(More)
The aim of the current study was to investigate the prevalence and clinical associations of nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) in a well-characterised cohort of patients with adult-onset bronchiectasis. The sputum of all patients attending a tertiary referral bronchiectasis clinic between April 2002 and August 2003 was examined for mycobacteria as part of an(More)
The Skye igneous centre, forming part of the British Tertiary magmatic province, developed over a $7 Myr period (61–54 Ma) and is characterized by a complex suite of lavas, hypabyssal and intrusive rocks of picritic to granitic composition. The intrusion of magma from mantle to crust at $2 Â 10 À3 km 3 /yr (6 Mt/yr) advected magmatic heat of roughly 0Á2 GW(More)
The methanogenic biodegradation of crude oil involves the conversion of hydrocarbons to methanogenic substrates by syntrophic bacteria and subsequent methane production by methanogens. Assessing the metabolic roles played by various microbial species in syntrophic communities remains a challenge, but such information has important implications for(More)
The Campanian Ignimbrite is a large volume trachytic to phonolitic ignimbrite that was deposited at ~39.3 ka and represents one of a number of highly explosive volcanic events that have occurred in the region near Naples, Italy. Thermodynamic modeling using the MELTS algorithm reveals that major element variations are dominated by crystal-liquid separation(More)
We welcome the opportunity to clarify issues raised by Gualda & Ghiorso (G&G, hereafter) on our 2010 paper, ' A metamodel for crustal magmatism: phase equilibria of giant ignimbrites'. Voluminous (V $100^1000 km 3) explosive eruption of silicic magma, accompanied by eruption columns that may empty into the stratosphere, has environmental consequences of(More)
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