Sarah J Beckman

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Spirituality has different meanings to individuals from diverse backgrounds with minimal definitions documented in academe. This qualitative research study was to determine the evolution of student nurses' concepts of spirituality by comparing their definitions on admission and at completion of their nursing education. Student responses are discussed.
A folate binding protein purified from the cytoplasm of human chronic myelogenous leukemia cells and saturated with [3H]pteroylglutamic acid, and the same protein labeled with 125I and saturated with pteroylglutamic acid, binds to the nuclear fraction of rat liver. EDTA inhibits this binding and this inhibition is reversed by Ca2+ but not by Mg2+. The(More)
Professional practice standards mandate that spiritual nursing care is a responsibility, not an option. This article explores 5 experiential learning activities that seek to heighten a person's awareness of his or her own spirituality and that also increases one's sensitivity to the spiritual needs of others.
The efficacy of the Neuman systems model as a guiding framework for curriculum development of a baccalaureate program is examined. Insights from lessons learned provide directions for nursing theory-based curriculum change and program development. Challenges and opportunities during curriculum development are explored. Recommendations and strategies that(More)
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