Sarah J. Beal

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This longitudinal study explored adolescents' future-oriented cognitions, current activities, and later educational attainment using data from 317 adolescents (55% female; mean age = 14.98 years, SD = 0.85) followed into early adulthood. Aspirations and expectations regarding work and education showed modest stability from year to year. Exploration of the(More)
Theoretically, the measurement of cytokines in saliva may have utility for studies of brain, behavior, and immunity in youth. Cytokines in saliva and serum were analyzed across three annual assessments in healthy adolescent girls (N = 114, 11-17 years at enrollment). Samples were assayed for GM-CSF, IFNγ, IL-1β, IL-2, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10, IL-12p70, TNFα,(More)
PURPOSE Osteoporosis is primarily evident in postmenopausal women, but its roots are traceable to periods of growth, including during adolescence. Depression, anxiety, and smoking are associated with lower bone mineral density (BMD) in adults. These associations have not been studied longitudinally across adolescence, when more than 50% of bone accrual(More)
During adolescence, young people's future aspirations and expectations begin to crystallize, especially in the domains of education and occupation. Much of the research in this area has emphasized development within a particular domain (e.g., education) and relations between aspirations and expectations across domains remain largely unexplored, resulting in(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate, using qualitative methodology, foster caregivers' perspectives related to the medical needs of children placed in their care. STUDY DESIGN Fifteen foster caregivers were individually interviewed using a semistructured open-ended question guide. Data were coded, and the analysis was conducted in an inductive manner, allowing(More)
While many adolescents and young adults experiment with substances (e.g., alcohol, cigarette smoking, marijuana), recent research suggests that rural youth and young adults may be more at risk for substance use than their urban counterparts. This study was designed to examine the longitudinal relationships between rural adolescents' prosocial behaviors and(More)
OBJECTIVE Identifying differences in transition readiness according to chronic condition is essential for understanding whether special emphasis within specific populations is warranted. Youth with chronic conditions (type 1 diabetes, Turner syndrome, spina bifida, autism spectrum disorder [ASD]) representing various types of impairments were compared with(More)
PURPOSE Empirical research regarding potential risks and benefits of children's participation in the legal system generally, and in the child dependency legal system in particular, is sparse and mostly characterized by small studies without comparison groups. The current study was designed to address the following questions regarding children's(More)
Analysis 1: Promotions to Brigadier General Is there a relationship between promotion to Brigadier General and resilience? Analysis 2: Below Zone (BZ) Promotions Is BLOCKINthere BLOCKINa BLOCKINrelationship BLOCKINbetween BLOCKINearly BLOCKINField BLOCKINGrade BLOCKINofficer BLOCKINpromotion BLOCKINand BLOCKINresilience? Analysis 3: Selection for a(More)
Adolescence is an important period for initiation of smoking and manifestation of depression, which are often comorbid. Researchers have examined associations between depressive symptoms and smoking to elucidate whether those with increased depressive symptoms smoke more to self-medicate, whether those who smoke experience increased subsequent depressive(More)