Sarah Hooton

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PURPOSE To estimate patient dose and personnel exposure from phantom measurements during computed tomographic (CT) fluoroscopy, to use the estimates to provide users with dose information, and to recommend methods to reduce exposure. MATERIALS AND METHODS Surface dose was estimated on a CT dosimetric phantom by using thermoluminescent dosimetric (TLD) and(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to determine whether total quality management (TQM) techniques that had proved successful in a pilot study in one departmental section of a teaching hospital could be generalized for use by the entire radiology department. MATERIALS AND METHODS Each departmental section developed interventions to improve its report(More)
To determine the utility of spiral computed tomography (CT) in evaluation of carotid artery stenosis, spiral CT images of 20 patients were compared with images obtained with conventional angiography (20 patients), ultrasound (US) (15 patients), and magnetic resonance (MR) angiography (six patients). The category of stenosis was determined for each internal(More)
PURPOSE To determine radiologists' ability to find lung nodules on spiral computed tomographic (CT) scans of the chest with both rapid sequential (cine) and conventional film-based viewing. MATERIALS AND METHODS Eight radiologists searched for lung nodules on spiral CT images (10-mm collimation, 10 mm/sec table speed) presented in two formats. Cine(More)
INTRODUCTION Features of spiral CT (SCT)-fast scanning, dynamic injection of contrast allowing optimal vessel opacification, and supplemental multiplanar imaging-promises to provide increased accuracy in the diagnosis of acute and non acute thoracic vascular disease. Recent work demonstrating the cost effective triage of hemodynamically stable patients(More)
Ginkgo biloba is an ancient Chinese herb. It began to be used in Europe around 1730 and is one of the most prescribed medications used there today. Most of its popularity, in the United States, has occurred within the last 15 years due to the documentation of its benefits. There has been extensive research to discover the efficacy of gingko. Its effects are(More)
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