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Worldwide, chloramines are used as the preferred disinfectant for city water supplies. Although they have distinct advantages compared with chlorine and are deemed harmless to the general population, hemodialysis (HD) patients are at risk from chloramine-induced hemolytic anemia. In recent years, this has been highlighted in regional dialysis units but not(More)
Under the EU Water Framework Directive, suspended sediment is omitted from environmental quality standards and compliance targets. This omission is partly explained by difficulties in assessing the complex dose-response of ecological communities. But equally, it is hindered by a lack of spatially distributed estimates of suspended sediment variability(More)
GM3 is a multiscale global Mars general circulation model with a vertical domain from the surface to about 160 km [1,2]. It has a water cycle that includes covered ice cap and regolith as well as bulk ice clouds. A simple water, CO2, Ox, HOx, NOx chemistry scheme has first added by Moudden and McConnell [3] and H2O2 chemistry has been investigated by(More)
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