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BACKGROUND Spontaneous very low frequency oscillations (VLFO: <0.2 Hz) in functional magnetic-resonance imaging are proposed to identify a default-mode network of resting brain activity. Activity in this network has been related to lapses of attention during goal-directed tasks and may provide a basis for ADHD. This study assessed the relation between(More)
Millions of people across the world have sickle cell disease (SCD). Although the true prevalence of SCD in Europe is not certain, London (UK) alone had an estimated 9000 people with the disorder in 1997. People affected by SCD are best managed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals who deliver comprehensive care: a model of healthcare based on(More)
BACKGROUND Families play an important role in facilitating the development and well-being of children with autism spectrum conditions. OBJECTIVES After setting the scene with a clinical example, and providing a brief discussion of the current thinking about the aetiology of Autism spectrum conditions, this paper provides a review of the literature(More)
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