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BACKGROUND The benefit of laparoscopy to patients has been clearly established in adults undergoing cholecystectomy. Results are less clear for appendectomy. The current study was undertaken to compare the respective 3-day postoperative periods after laparoscopic and open appendectomy in children. METHODS Sixty-three children (aged 8-15 yr) scheduled for(More)
Ceramides, specific lipid components of the skin, represent 35-40% of the intercellular cement binding cells together and contributing to skin hydration. A wheat extract rich in ceramides and digalactosyl-diglycerides was developed by Hitex in two forms: wheat extract oil (WEO) and wheat extract powder (WEP). In vitro tests and two clinical studies(More)
An electric potential measurement tells us only about the difference between two electrode locations. When prior experiments or present measurements prove that an electrode's location is inactive (especially in 'mono-polar' or scalp-to-reference technique), then EEG records and EEG maps can be interpreted regionally near each electrode location.(More)
79 subjects (mean age 70.2 ans, 31 males, 48 females) selected as probable dementia of the Alzheimer type, at the early stage of the disease and 17 normal aged people (mean age: 72.2, 5 males, 12 females) were recorded with a 16 channel computerized-EEG (C-EEG) with topographical analysis of the observed changes and with classical visual analysis of the(More)
A group of 10 subjects, normal volunteers (6 men, 4 women), mean age 27.2 years, right-handers, has been selected for a double-blind study of caffeine effects (400 mg per os) versus placebo. One week delay separated the two EEG sessions quantified by spectral analysis. During each session (16 EEG channels, common reference), each subject was recorded four(More)
A night of sleep has been recorded under the conditions of a sleep laboratory. The subject was a woman of 55 years, well-trained in dream recall. The subject was awakened three times at the end of sleep cycles. EEG was monitored for 7 h with a 16-channel polygraph (REEGA 16, Alvar) connected to two systems of EEG cartography: minicomputers (HP Fourier(More)
In the defence industry the recent development of a 'market for technology', the creation of new European high-technology companies as well as transformations in government agencies have driven firms to reposition their technological and organizational skills. Our objective is to show that the transformations that have occurred in the past ten years have(More)
A patient suffering from juvenile myoclonic epilepsy experienced myoclonic jerks, fairly regularly, while playing chess. The myoclonus appeared particularly when he had to plan his strategy, to choose between two solutions or while raising the arm to move a chess figure. Video-EEG-polygraphy was performed, with back averaging of the myoclonus registered(More)