Sarah Greenaway

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Engaging communities in alcohol consumption-related action projects requires the application of a range of flexible and responsive evidence-based methods. These include: establishing collaborative relationships, implementing strategies to improve age verification practices, encouraging organizational change, and raising awareness of local alcohol issues.(More)
The importance and meaning of social and recreational travel for a diverse group of Auckland residents is explored in this article. Study participants identified a range of social and health benefits, including maintaining social connections with family and friends, opportunities to participate in physical activity, and reducing stress. However, many of(More)
Community action on alcohol use-related projects face significant challenges in focusing efforts where they are most likely to be effective--on environmental strategies for optimum impact and sustainable institutional change. Reorienting and enhancing the efforts of existing services is a crucial issue for all countries with limited resources. This paper(More)
Alcohol purchase surveys were undertaken as part of two New Zealand community action projects (one in a large metropolitan area and one in a small town) that aimed at reducing alcohol consumption-related harm for young people. Baseline surveys in both places indicated poor age verification practices. The two follow-up surveys in the metropolitan area showed(More)
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