Sarah Gilmore

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OBJECTIVES To determine if medication reminding via smartphone app increases adherence to antidepressant medications in college students. PARTICIPANTS College students (N = 57) enrolled at a state-funded institution who had a current prescription for an antidepressant and regularly used a smartphone device. METHODS Participants were randomized to either(More)
Over the past decade innovation and creativity have been portrayed as a crucial means by which organisations secure competitive advantage. Seeking to enhance the creative potential of their employees, many seemingly progressive organisations utilise an array of methodologies – from creating culture of fun and play, to commissioning beautifully designed(More)
BACKGROUND Physiotherapists are commonly involved in the management of patients immediately following lumbar spinal surgery. There is however, very little research to guide physiotherapy intervention in the acute post-operative period, and the advice provided to patients regarding post-operative walking and physical activity has been shown to be highly(More)
Accounting for homogenous action in seemingly apparent heterogeneous organizations is a research question that persists across prominent organizational studies literatures, and which have become more persistent and pertinent as organizations have become more global and diverse. To address how differing forms of relatively homogeneous solutions to practical(More)
It has been argued that in Western societies there are tendencies to encourage us to believe that we can achieve personal fulfilment alongside the space for self-expression and personal growth. But as noted by Craib (1994), these beliefs require us to balance a paradox between our aspirations and the pragmatic realisation that we might not become the person(More)
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