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Enhancing Inoculation: Examining the Relationships among Attack Certainty, Threat and Resistance
This investigation explored the potential for enhancing the potency of inoculation’s strategy by examining the relationships among the certainty of the attack, threat, and resistance. Using differentExpand
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Beyond Simple Inoculation: Examining the Persuasive Value of Inoculation for Audiences with Initially Neutral or Opposing Attitudes
It is well established that—among individuals who hold an attitude toward a topic—inoculation messages can help promote resistance to counterattitudinal attacks. Yet, the utility of inoculationExpand
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Sustainable attitudes: Protecting tourism with inoculation messages
Abstract This study explored the potential of inoculation messages to protect the pro-destination attitudes of potential tourists. As this study argues, much research has focused on the promotion ofExpand
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Persistence of emotion in the process of inoculation: experiencing post-attack threat, fear, anger, happiness, sadness, and surprise
ABSTRACT This investigation assessed the mechanisms that contribute to post-attack attitudinal persistence. A three-phase experiment was designed to uncover why inoculation works even after it hasExpand
Defending Democracy: Inoculation’s Efficacy in Protecting First Amendment Attitudes
ABSTRACT Although it may be tempting to assume that people’s attitudes toward the First Amendment are resolute, extant research and the findings of this investigation suggest the opposite: thatExpand