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The proteasome activator 11S REG or PA28 is a conical molecule composed of two homologous subunits, REG alpha and REG beta. Recombinant REG alpha forms a heptamer, whereas recombinant REG beta is a monomer. When mixed with REG beta, a monomeric REG alpha mutant (N50Y) forms an active hetero-oligomer in which the molar ratio of REG beta to REG alpha(N50Y) is(More)
Established invasive species, such as European buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica), pose a challenging problem for land managers who must decide when and how to control them. In order to make an informed decision land managers need to be able to predict the spread of these invasive species at local scales and without the need for excessive sampling. Our approach(More)
PURPOSE To identify the optimal spatial and dimensional requirements of grab bars that support independent and assisted transfers by older adults and their care providers. BACKGROUND Although research has demonstrated that toilet grab bars based on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accessibility Standards do not meet the needs of older adults, the(More)
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I am becoming disillusioned with the NHS, not least because of the pay 'cut' we face (news March 7). How can ministers give themselves an above-inflation rise, while leaving nurses to suffer? All my bills will go up over the next year including childcare, which is currently £640 per month. The Nursing and Midwifery Council is also increasing its fees. Is it(More)
The peptidase activities of eukaryotic proteasomes are markedly activated by the 11 S REG or PA28. The three identified REG subunits, designated alpha, beta, and gamma, differ significantly in sequence over a short span of 15-30 amino acids that we call homolog-specific inserts. These inserts were deleted from each REG to produce the mutant proteins(More)
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