Sarah Elizabeth Cleary

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BACKGROUND Whether individual differences in cortisol contribute to subsequent major depressive disorder (MDD) is unknown. AIMS To determine whether premorbid levels of salivary cortisol and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) were associated with subsequent MDD and how these related to psychosocial factors known to increase the risk for MDD. METHOD Adult(More)
This meta-analytic study examined the relationship among the constructs of acculturation, enculturation, and acculturation strategies (i.e., integration, assimilation, separation, marginalization), and mental health. Data from 325 studies (163 journal articles and 162 dissertation studies) were analyzed using a random-effects model, across a broad spectrum(More)
The present study proposed and tested a conceptual model of acculturation/enculturation and subjective well-being (SWB) by including social connectedness in mainstream society, social connectedness in the ethnic community, perceived discrimination, and expected social status as mediators. Survey data from 273 Asian American college students in the midwest(More)
Deletion of exon 9 from Cullin-3 (CUL3, residues 403-459: CUL3(Δ403-459)) causes pseudohypoaldosteronism type IIE (PHA2E), a severe form of familial hyperkalaemia and hypertension (FHHt). CUL3 binds the RING protein RBX1 and various substrate adaptors to form Cullin-RING-ubiquitin-ligase complexes. Bound to KLHL3, CUL3-RBX1 ubiquitylates WNK kinases,(More)
Introduction: Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (HDP) are a leading cause of maternal morbidity worldwide. In the general population, it is recognised that out-of-office blood pressure (BP) maybe lower (white coat effect) or higher (masked effect) compared to clinic readings. Similarly, in pregnancy, such effects may lead to over or under estimation of(More)
Loeys-Dietz syndrome (LDS) is an autosomal dominant connective tissue disorder with a range of cardiovascular, skeletal, craniofacial and cutaneous manifestations. LDS type 4 is caused by mutations in TGFβ ligand 2 (TGFB2) and based on the family pedigrees described to date, appears to have a milder clinical phenotype, often presenting with isolated aortic(More)
Title: Dance Movement Therapy and Sensory Integration: An integrated approach to working with children Sarah E. Cleary Master of Arts in Dance/Movement Therapy Naropa University, December 1, 2002 Nicole McGough, Thesis Committee Chairperson This thesis addresses a therapeutic approach to working with children in dance movement therapy settings. During these(More)
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