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Breastfeeding rates in the United Kingdom (UK) are one of the lowest in the developed world and certainly the lowest in Europe. There have been numerous studies of breastfeeding in the UK, most of which have adopted a quantitative approach, and they have largely focused on obstetric or socio-demographic factors in the decision to breastfeed. Whilst these(More)
AIM The aim of this paper is to explore the role that nurses can play in acknowledging and facilitating the sexual needs of disabled patients within an holistic framework of nursing care. BACKGROUND Contemporary nursing claims to offer patient care within an holistic framework; this framework should encompass the biopsychosocial needs of patients, as(More)
This article explores the importance of time for an understanding of women's experiences of reproductive identity. In order to do this we draw on data from two separate qualitative research projects. The first project is concerned with the experiences of conception, pregnancy, childbirth and early motherhood in primagravidae, whilst the second focuses on(More)
In the United Kingdom, the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists suggests that sociology should be included within the speech and language therapy curriculum. However, in spite of this, sociology is seldom given priority. Although the role of sociology with the curricula of other professions has been discussed, the role of sociology within speech(More)
This paper seeks to explore women's experiences of conception, and to deconstruct the dichotomy between the terms "planned" and "unplanned" pregnancy. It draws on interviews with 19 primagravidae conducted as part of a wider qualitative study of women's experiences of pregnancy and childbirth. Although the concept of pregnancy intention is widely regarded(More)
Contemporary societies in the developed world are characterized by the expectation that women wish to and are able to control their experiences of fertility. Changes in medical technology and advances in reproductive medicine have played an important role in strengthening this expectation, together with other changes, such as the availability of free(More)
Having a first baby is considered a major life event, due to significant role change impacting on the ordinary and familiar activities the new mother performs every day. The aim of this study was to explore changes in the occupational lives of first time mothers. A concurrent nested strategy of enquiry was used. Quantitative data via the Modified Interest(More)