Sarah E Wakeman

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Worldwide, more than 30 million people spend time in prison every year. 1 The USA incarcerates 25% of these people and one in 31 Americans is currently under correctional control, either in jail, prison, or on probation or parole. 2 Most prisoners will eventually be released, and the 2 weeks after release have been shown to be associated with a substantial(More)
Death from opiate overdose is a tremendous source of mortality, with a heightened risk in the weeks following incarceration. The goal of this study is to assess overdose experience and response among long-term opiate users involved in the criminal justice system. One hundred thirty-seven subjects from a project linking opiate-dependent individuals being(More)
Current diagnostic assays for HIV-1 do not always test for the presence of HIV-2 in the United States. We present the case of a patient from Cape Verde, who was admitted to our hospital with rapidly deteriorating neurological function and multiple white matter lesions on MRI likely secondary to progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML). Initially,(More)
Previous studies have found that race of interviewer can affect the survey response, but do these effects vary based on other survey elements or cues given to respondents? We report the results of two experiments testing whether the effectiveness of corrections of the rumor that Barack Obama is a Muslim varied among white participants depending on the race(More)
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