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In the tobacco hornworm, many larval motoneurons become respecified and supply new muscles in the adult. Changes in the morphology of one such neuron were examined through metamorphosis. The dendritic pattern of the adult comes about both by outgrowth from the primary and secondary branches of the larval neuron and by the development of new branches that(More)
The motor system of the moth Manduca sexta is completely remodeled during the pupal-adult transformation (PAT). It is stable until the formation of the pupal stage (0% PAT), but larval motor end plates become disrupted by 5% PAT and are lost by 10% PAT, at the time that the muscle has begun to degenerate. Most of the axonal arbor is retracted by 15% with(More)
Motoneurons MN-1 and MN-3 in the moth Manduca sexta go through 3 distinct phases during postembryonic life. During larval life their neuritic fields show allometric growth in concert with larval growth. Larval neurites are then lost during the larval-pupal transition, which is followed by the outgrowth of adult-specific neurites during adult development. In(More)
Both the proliferation and differentiation of ventral diaphragm myoblasts are controlled by ecdysteroid during metamorphosis of the moth, Manduca sexta, but the responses have different hormonal requirements. Tonic exposure to moderate levels of ecdysteroid are required to stimulate myoblast proliferation. This is due to the presence of an(More)
BACKGROUND The antiproliferative and apoptotic effects of ellagic acid, a dietary polyphenol, were studied. MATERIALS AND METHODS The neutral red cytotoxicity assay compared the sensitivities of gingival fibroblasts and HSC-2 oral carcinoma cells to ellagic acid. The ferrous ion oxidation xylenol orange assay and levels of intracellular reduced(More)
Critical reviews of production jobs, potential exposure to chemical and physical agents, and job placement policies are necessary to provide a safe and healthful working environment for employees. To achieve this objective, a five-phase survey has been developed at BASF Wyandotte Corporation. Phase one assembles a data bank which cross references chemical(More)
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