Sarah E Newton

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Gaming is an innovative teaching strategy that research has shown to be effective for improving nursing student learning outcomes. Specifically, gaming enhances retention of knowledge, promotes problem-based learning, and motivates nursing students to become more engaged in their learning. The literature also indicates that the use of gaming during nursing(More)
To increase enrollment in baccalaureate nursing programs, various admission strategies have been used, including rolling admission policies and multiple admissions during an academic year. However, it is not known how these admission practices affect student preparedness for, or success within, the nursing major. The purpose of this study was to describe(More)
The purpose of this retrospective survey was to describe posttransplant recidivism and return to work rates for adult liver transplant recipients with histories of alcohol-related liver disease (ARLD) or ARLD and polysubstance use. Recidivism from alcohol was the primary substance analyzed. One hundred and twenty-two adult liver transplant recipients(More)
Math proficiency is a prerequisite to the performance of many nursing functions, including medication calculations, but many nursing students have difficulty performing this basic clinical skill. Research has demonstrated that math aptitude alone does not fully explain student outcomes on medication calculation assessments (MCAs), and contextual factors(More)
The article reports a retrospective survey designed to determine the relationship of hardiness and sense of coherence to post-liver transplant return to work (RTW). Instruments used included Pollock's Health-Related Hardiness Scale and Antonovsky's Sense of Coherence Questionnaire. Study results were based on 230 adult liver transplant recipients responding(More)
This study was conducted to determine the effects of spinal (n = 113) vs epidural (n = 31) anesthetic techniques on 3 common postoperative complications: pain, urinary retention, and mobility for patients undergoing inguinal herniorrhaphy. The study design was a retrospective chart review. Data were collected on 144 subjects who underwent herniorrhaphy(More)
There are differences between males and females regarding the perception, expression, and tolerance of pain that stems from a variety of social and psychologic influences. Personal self-efficacy and lifespan socialization are two such influences, and they provide new dimensions for nurses to better understand the pain experience. This article will present a(More)
Formal writing assignments are commonly used in nursing education to develop students' critical thinking skills, as well as to enhance their communication abilities. However, writing apprehension is a common phenomenon among nursing students. It has been suggested that reading and English aptitudes are related to formal writing ability, yet neither the(More)
Attrition is a serious issue among Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) students with attrition rates around 50% nationwide. To help minimize BSN student attrition, many nursing programs use commercially available standardized nursing aptitude tests as adjuncts to scholastic aptitude data, usually operationalized as pre-nursing grade point average, to(More)