Sarah E. Martiny

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This research explores implicit theory of intelligence (TOI) as a moderator of stereotype activation effects on test performance for members of negatively stereotyped and of favourably stereotyped groups. In Germany, Turkish-origin migrants are stereotyped as low in verbal ability. We predicted that on a test diagnostic of verbal intelligence, endorsement(More)
Threatening test scenarios and their effect on emotions and motivation of women in math. Präsentation bei der 14. Fachgruppentagung Sozialpsychologie (FGSP) der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie (DGPs) in Bielefeld (Germany). To think or not to think – suppression and reappraisal of task-irrelevant thoughts under stereotype threat. Präsentation bei der(More)
  • S Martiny
  • 2002
This paper looks at the basic requirements of hair styling products from a consumer's perspective before moving onto a very brief outline of the various chemistries available to the formulator. It then discusses the manufacture of vinyl pyrrolidone from acetylene. The properties of polyvinyl pyrrolidone are described, followed by the features and benefits(More)
Past research on ethnic composition effects on migrant and ethnic majority students' performance has reported inconclusive results: Some studies have found no relationship between the proportion of migrant students in school and students' performance, some revealed positive effects, whereas others showed negative effects of the proportion of migrant(More)
Although expressing positive emotions is typically socially rewarded, in the present work, we predicted that people suppress positive emotions and thereby experience social benefits when outperformed others are present. We tested our predictions in three experimental studies with high school students. In Studies 1 and 2, we manipulated the type of social(More)
are Threatened I Want to Join 'Them' " –The Interaction of Stereotype Activation and Vertical Collectivism on Performance and Individual Mobility Motivation. (PAEPS) in Hildesheim (Germany). SchülerInnen profitieren von Stereotype Threat für türkischstämmige Migranten. Forschungsdaten war ich mitverantwortlich.
We provide a theoretical framework and empirical evidence for how verbally planning an action creates direct perception-action links and behavioral automaticity. We argue that planning actions in an if (situation)-then (action) format induces sensorimotor simulations (i.e., activity patterns reenacting the event in the sensory and motor brain areas) of the(More)
Economic inequality is increasing both globally and in various countries around the world, and such inequality has been linked to worsening health, well-being, and social cohesion. A key predictor for whether people take action against inequality is the extent to which they perceive it as illegitimate. We investigate how two variables jointly predict the(More)
Based on research on stereotype threat and multiple identities, this work explores the beneficial effects of activating a positive social identity when a negative identity is salient on women's performance in sports. Further, in line with research on the effects of anxiety in sports, we investigate whether the activation of a positive social identity(More)