Sarah E Krug

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The serious effects of pathological gambling on both gamblers and their families warrants research on the disorder. This study aimed at identifying components of pathological gambling with the goal of developing methods for early detection and preventive strategies. A factor analysis of behaviors hypothesized to relate to pathological gambling resulted in a(More)
  • S E Krug
  • Journal of personality assessment
  • 1978
Norms were obtained on a nationally representative sample of 4830 adult men and women for two empirically developed faking indices for Cattell's 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF) by Winder, Karson, and O'Dell (1975). These data provided convincing evidence that the cutoff suggested in the original work for the faking good scale was far too liberal(More)
We report on the construction of neural networks for determining whether pediatric patients requiring transport to a tertiary care center should be moved by air or by ground. The networks were based on the functional-link net architecture. In two experiments, feedforward supervised-learning neural nets were trained with examples of an expert's decisions and(More)
Developed a scale designed to detect invalid response patterns on the High School Personality Questionnaire (HSPQ). Using a large sample of protocols drawn from the HSPQ standardization group, ten items were found to satisfy the necessary criterion for inclusion in the resulting "random" or "validity" (RV) scale. When applied to separate cross-validation(More)
A digital piston phase correction method is presented for partially coherent synthesis with active or passive illumination. An anamorphic pupil relay causes a linear shift of a two subaperture array between the entrance and exit pupils. This shift separates the subapertures' cross- and auto-correlations while retaining their common spatial frequency(More)
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