Sarah E. Kreps

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The authors present a case of hydrocephalus complicated by ventriculitis in which it was possible to correlate the numerical printout of sequential computerized tomograms (CT-Scans) with cerebrospinal fluid protein concentrations obtained by direct ventricular puncture. Different protein levels were unambiguously associated with changes in the absorption(More)
Epidemiologic analyses, traditionally based on long-term cohort or case-control studies, provide retrospective causal associations between exposure to a particular environmental stressor and an exposure-related disease end point. Recent research initiatives have propelled a shift toward exploring molecular epidemiology and molecular biological markers(More)
  • Gustavo A Flores-Macías, John Bailey, +18 authors Markus Schultze‐kraft
  • 2013
Governments across the developing world in general, and Latin America in particular, tend to have difficulty in raising taxes among elites. Beginning in 2002, however, the Colombian government adopted a series of wealth taxes among the wealthiest taxpayers. Revenue from the tax was earmarked for security expenditures and represented about 1% of GDP. Drawing(More)
T o critics of airpower, Israel's 2006 war with Hizballah exposed the fallacy that targeting centers of gravity, such as population, command and control, and infrastructure could coerce the adversary into surrendering, and that airpower could obviate the need for land forces and independently win wars. Given Israel's unexpected challenges in waging the(More)
What are the foreign policy consequences of China's growing trade relations? In particular, are states that trade more heavily with China more likely to side with it on key foreign policy issues? Does a shift toward China come at the expense of American influence? We evaluate these questions using data on bilateral trade for China and developing countries(More)
A S THE STUDY of insurgent-centric conflicts expands, scholars and military professionals have expressed a renewed interest in the U.S. experience in the Philippines at the turn of the 20th century. Often the discussions focus on tactics, the psychology of resistance, or the underlying motives of U.S. involvement in the Far East. Too often the human stories(More)
mocracies are more likely than nondemocracies to win the wars they ªght— particularly the wars they start—has risen to the status of near-conventional wisdom in the last decade. First articulated by David Lake in his 1992 article " Powerful Paciªsts, " this thesis has become ªrmly associated with the work of Dan Reiter and Allan Stam. In their seminal 2002(More)
Leu+ mutants from Salmonella typhimurium leu-500 strain MA412 arise at high frequencies and mutant colonies appear over a broad range of time on selective plates. This observation suggested that these Leu+ mutants might be induced or "directed."= If such a mechanism was responsible, mutants should originate on selective plates rather than in the preceding(More)
tentious issues in U.S. foreign policy has been the use of military force to intervene in the domestic affairs of other states. U.S. military interventions since 1945 have varied signiªcantly, however, in how deeply they intrude on the domestic institutions of target states. Some interventions involved signiªcant interference in other states' domestic(More)
  • Jonathan Kirshner, Sarah Kreps, +4 authors John Lewis Gaddis
  • 2009
This seminar provides an overview of the field of international relations for graduate students. Particular emphasis is placed upon (1) identifying the main points of debate and contrasting research traditions within the field; (2) developing the critical analytical skills necessary to evaluate the contrasting arguments made within the field; (3) grounding(More)
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