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To determine the extent to which depression complicates Parkinson's disease (PD), the authors analyzed the literature on depression in PD in order to report on its prevalence, clinical manifestations, and treatment. By means of MEDLINE literature searches, the analysis focused on 45 PD depression studies conducted from 1922 through 1998. The results(More)
With juvenile crime on the rise, understanding and preventing juvenile delinquency is one of the greatest challenges facing mental health professionals today. Recognizing early signs of conduct disorder (CD) can be difficult, but identifying risk factors is an important step in preventing a child's progression to CD or Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD).(More)
Cancer is commonly complicated by psychiatric comorbidity, particularly depression. However, the effects of panic on cancer treatment and cancer patients' quality of life are not well understood. To examine more closely the occurrence of panic attacks and panic disorder in cancer patients, we retrospectively reviewed charts of 106 consecutive psychosomatic(More)
This study examined underlying similarities between the Generalized least-squares factor analysis yielded two related factors, Self Regulation and Interdependent Relating, accounting for 60% of the variance in the solution. Greater Self Regulation—comprised of DSI scales characterized by less emotional reactivity and the ability to take an I position in(More)
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