Sarah E Goulding

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The endpoints of the large inverted repeat (IR) of chloroplast DNA in flowering plants differ by small amounts between species. To quantify the extent of this movement and define a possible mechanism for IR expansion, DNA sequences across the IR—large single-copy (IR-LSC) junctions were compared among 13Nicotiana species and other dicots. In mostNicotiana(More)
In a variety of organisms, early neurogenesis requires the function of basic-helix-loop-helix (bHLH) transcription factors. For the Drosophila PNS, such transcription factors are encoded by the proneural genes (atonal and the achaete-scute complex, AS-C). We have identified a proneural gene, amos, that has strong similarity with atonal in its bHLH domain.(More)
DNA topoisomerase II (Topo II) is a major component of mitotic chromosomes and an important drug target in cancer chemotherapy, however, its role in chromosome structure and dynamics remains controversial. We have used RNAi to deplete Topo II in Drosophila S2 cells in order to carry out a detailed functional analysis of the role of the protein during(More)
In Drosophila neurogenesis, proneural genes encode bHLH proteins that are required for neural precursor selection. But many vertebrate homologues are expressed later and are postulated to have multiple roles during neurogenesis. We have isolated a new Drosophila gene, cato, which encodes a protein with a bHLH domain that is closely related to that of the(More)
We provide a detailed description of Golgi stack biogenesis that takes place in vivo during one of the morphogenetic events in the lifespan of Drosophila melanogaster. In early third-instar larvae, small clusters consisting mostly of vesicles and tubules were present in epithelial imaginal disk cells. As larvae progressed through mid- and late-third instar,(More)
To ensure accurate chromosome segregation during mitosis, the spindle checkpoint monitors chromosome alignment on the mitotic spindle. Indjeian and colleagues have investigated the precise role of the shugoshin 1 protein (Sgo1p) in this process in budding yeast. The Sgo proteins were originally identified as highly conserved proteins that protect cohesion(More)
We report a 29,445 bp sequence from the right arm of yeast chromosome XV. It contains the genes MYO2, SNC2, PDR10, SCD5 (also called FTB1), MIP1, VMA4, MRS2, ALA1, KRE5, TEA1, and a homologue of YAL034c. Several discrepancies with previously published sequences were found. PDR10 encodes a protein highly similar to the pleiotropic drug resistance protein(More)
The chromosomal passenger protein complex has emerged as a key player in mitosis, with important roles in chromatin modifications, kinetochore-microtubule interactions, chromosome bi-orientation and stability of the bipolar spindle, mitotic checkpoint function, assembly of the central spindle and cytokinesis. The inner centromere protein (Incenp; a subunit(More)
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