Sarah E Gibbons

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OBJECTIVES To evaluate the results of hemilaminectomy and vertebral stabilisation (+/- annulectomy) for the treatment of thoracolumbar disc protrusion. METHODS The medical records of dogs with thoracolumbar annular protrusions treated by hemilaminectomy and vertebral stabilisation were reviewed. Neurological function was assessed 24 hours following(More)
OBJECTIVES To report the signalment, history, clinical features, and outcome in dogs weighing greater than 15 kg, treated surgically and non-surgically for patellar luxation. Risk factors for the development of patellar luxation, postoperative complications, and outcome were evaluated. METHODS Details regarding signalment, bodyweight, breed, aetiology,(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the steady-state blood plasma (BP), CSF and seminal plasma (SP) pharmacokinetics (PK) of twice-daily indinavir 400 mg and lopinavir/ritonavir. METHODS Ten HIV-1-positive men on lopinavir/ritonavir participated in a PK study. PK sampling was performed before and 2 weeks after adding indinavir to lopinavir/ritonavir-containing(More)
Efavirenz induces the metabolism of co-administered drugs through the induction of CYP A4. It is often necessary to switch fron efavirenz to nevirapine because of intolerance or toxicity. In a pharmacokinetic study we determined whether to dose-escalate nevirapine or start the full dose when switching from efavirenz. It was found that when changing from(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the value of oblique versus ventrodorsal myelographic views for lesion lateralisation in canine thoracolumbar disc disease. METHODS The ventrodorsal and oblique views from 196 lumbar myelograms of dogs with single thoracolumbar disc extrusions or protrusions were blindly and independently reviewed by two of the authors for evidence(More)
Five cats with Y-T fractures of the humeral condyle were reviewed. Breeds presented included domestic shorthair (four cats) and Maine Coon (one cat). Age ranged from two to 16 years. All the cats were neutered males. A road traffic accident was suspected in all cases. Four of the fractures were severely comminuted and one fracture had four fragments. The(More)
A two-year-old whippet cross presented with a large ulcer of the right metatarsal pad. Laceration of the plantar aspect of the metatarsal region involving the flexor tendons had occurred 10 days prior to ulcer formation. Pain sensation was absent distal to the wound, indicating tibial nerve damage. A presumptive diagnosis of trophic ulceration of the(More)
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