Sarah E Dreumont-Boudreau

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Rats were given 21 days of chronic oral caffeine. A novel flavor (Maintenance CS) was then paired with the continuation of caffeine, and a second flavor (Withdrawal CS) was paired with caffeine removal. Rats avoided the Withdrawal CS, and drank more of the Maintenance CS in a two-bottle test, suggesting that removing caffeine had induced withdrawal. The(More)
Male CD-1 mice were given a biconditional discrimination task with four odors; A, B, C, and D. Mice were presented with odor compounds AC+, BD+, BC-, AD- for thirteen days. Pieces of odorized filter paper were placed in the bottom of odor pots and covered with bedding. On reinforced AC and BD trials, sugar was buried in the bedding, and on nonreinforced AD(More)
Groups of rats were chronically exposed to a 1.0-g/L caffeine solution for 5, 10, 15 or 20 days. Upon removal of caffeine, rats were given brief exposure to a novel flavour CS (withdrawal CS) followed by 12 days of plain water and then brief exposure to a second flavour CS (neutral CS). Only rats exposed to 20 days of caffeine strongly preferred the neutral(More)
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