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Mary I: Gender, Power, and Ceremony in the Reign of England's First Queen
Mary, the Queen The Succession of a Queen The Coronation of a Queen The Queen's Two Bodies: Female Sovereignty and the Anglo-Spanish Marriage Negotiations The Marriage of a Queen: Mary's Consort,
“An Uncroned King out of a Straunge Lande”: Philip as Conqueror or Savior
Immediately after Mary’s public announcement of her intention to take Philip of Spain as her consort, anxiety arose among the English about the role he would play. He was feared as a potential
The Succession of a Queen
When Mary I ascended to the throne in 1553, she became the first female ruler in English history—the earlier claim of Matilda, heir to Henry I, to the royal crown in 1135 AD had provoked a civil war.
“Bloody” Mary? Changing Perceptions of England’s First Ruling Queen
The accession of Mary to the throne of England in 1553 marked the inception of successful female rule for the first time in English history. Mary’s image as a ruling queen, however, has always been
“Cruele Jesabel” or “Handemayde of God”? Mary as Jezebel and Virgin
Throughout her reign and marriage, Mary had to contend with attacks on her authority by those who feared female rule and the threat of Spanish domination. Mary was portrayed as a Jezebel, a virago,