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A number of laboratories have constructed independently derived long-lived strains of Drosophila, each of which have similar but not identical patterns of variability in their adult longevity. Given the observed plasticity of longevity within each of these strains, it would be useful to review the operational and environmental factors that give rise to this(More)
The field has progressed to the point where a genetic investigation of the aging processes in Drosophila can be viewed as constituting both a serious and a feasible research program. There now exists at least one single gene mutant which yields an accelerated aging phenotype, at least two single gene null mutants affecting enzymes implicated in regulating(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o Keywords: Citation asymmetry Freshwater Generality in ecology Literature survey Marine Terrestrial The search for generality in ecology should include assessing the influence of studies done in one system on those done in other systems. Assuming generality is reflected in citation patterns, we analyzed frequencies of terrestrial,(More)
After six weeks participation in the rehabilitation program, D.K. was ready for discharge. He was receiving medications for symptomatic treatment: fluorocortisone acetate, cortisone acetate, and cimetidine. Rehabilitation goals were met to some degree; his strength was increased significantly and both motor control and balance were slightly better than at(More)
A quantitative dot blot analysis was performed to determine whether the expression of the EF-1 alpha genes of Drosophila melanogaster are associated with the extended longevity phenotype characteristic of our genetically selected long-lived strain. These data were compared to that obtained from two normal-lived strains and from two iso-chromosomal strains(More)
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