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Evidence from the probability learning literature indicates that when presented with simple situations that require making predictions, adults tend to probability match whereas children are likely to show maximization (Stevenson & Weir, 1959; Weir, 1964). The reason for this developmental difference is not fully understood, but one possibility investigated(More)
The Walden's Paths project is developing tools for leveraging student learning with the incredible amount of educational material on the Web. Specialized templates based on established educational frameworks, learning theories, or activities aid path authors in creating pedagogically sound paths by guiding them in collecting and structuring the information(More)
Vaginal tablets are being developed as an alternative to gels as an inexpensive, discreet dosage form for the administration of microbicides. This work describes the pharmacokinetic (PK) evaluation of rapidly disintegrating vaginal tablets containing tenofovir (TFV, 10 mg), emtricitabine (FTC, 10 mg), and the combination of TFV and FTC (10 mg each) under in(More)
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