Sarah Davis

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Evidence from the probability learning literature indicates that when presented with simple situations that require making predictions, adults tend to probability match whereas children are likely to show maximization (Stevenson & Weir, 1959; Weir, 1964). The reason for this developmental difference is not fully understood, but one possibility investigated(More)
Previous research revealed that the basal ganglia play a critical role in category learning [Ell, S. W., Marchant, N. L., & Ivry, R. B. (2006). Focal putamen lesions impair learning in rule-based, but not information-integration categorization tasks. Neuropsychologia, 44(10), 1737-1751; Maddox, W. T. & Filoteo, J. V. (2007). Modeling visual attention and(More)
Repeated classification of a visually presented stimulus rapidly leads to a form of response learning that bypasses the original evaluation in favor of a more efficient response mechanism. In two experiments, we examined the level of input and output representations that make up this form of learning. In Experiment 1, alterations in the finger mapping of(More)
The Walden's Paths project is developing tools for leveraging student learning with the incredible amount of educational material on the Web. Specialized templates based on established educational frameworks, learning theories, or activities aid path authors in creating pedagogically sound paths by guiding them in collecting and structuring the information(More)
  • Meredith R. Clark, M. Melissa Peet, Sarah Davis, Gustavo F. Doncel, David R. Friend
  • 2014
Vaginal tablets are being developed as an alternative to gels as an inexpensive, discreet dosage form for the administration of microbicides. This work describes the pharmacokinetic (PK) evaluation of rapidly disintegrating vaginal tablets containing tenofovir (TFV, 10 mg), emtricitabine (FTC, 10 mg), and the combination of TFV and FTC (10 mg each) under in(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence of dementia is rising worldwide and many people will die with the disease. Symptoms towards the end of life may be inadequately managed and informal and professional carers poorly supported. There are few evidence-based interventions to improve end-of-life care in advanced dementia. AIM To develop an integrated, whole systems,(More)
BACKGROUND One-third of people with cancer experience psychological distress and may suppress distressing thoughts, emotions, and concerns, leading to further problems. Conventional psychological treatments reduce distress by problem solving, but in advanced cancer, when ill health is progressive and death may be approaching, physical and psychological(More)
Urinary incontinence can cause embarrassment and can impact on daily activities and quality of life. Generic health related quality of life instruments, such as the EQ-5D, are designed to be applicable across a variety of disease areas. However, it is sometimes claimed that they are not applicable to a certain disease area because they are missing a domain(More)