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BACKGROUND The human cadaver remains the gold standard for anatomic training and is highly useful when incorporated into minimally invasive surgical training programs. However, this valuable resource is often not used to its full potential due to a lack of multidisciplinary cooperation. Herein, we propose the coordinated multiple use of individual cadavers(More)
Ectopic calcification is a driving force for a variety of diseases, including kidney stones and atherosclerosis, but initiating factors remain largely unknown. Given its importance in seemingly divergent disease processes, identifying fundamental principal actors for ectopic calcification may have broad translational significance. Here we establish a(More)
BACKGROUND Pelvic fracture urethral injury (PFUI) is associated with a high risk of erectile dysfunction (ED). The effect of the type of posterior urethral disruption repair on erectile function has not been clearly established. We systematically reviewed and conducted a meta-analysis of the proportion of patients with ED at (i) baseline after pelvic(More)
Urethral stricture disease is relatively common and is associated with a significant financial cost and potentially debilitating outcomes. Understanding urethral stricture epidemiology is important to identify risk factors associated with the etiology or progression of the disease. This understanding may lead to better treatments and preventative measures(More)
BACKGROUND Pelvic fracture urethral injury (PFUI) is an uncommon but potentially devastating result of pelvic fracture. It ranges in severity based on the cause and the mechanism of injury. METHODS We reviewed previous reports to identify the incidence, causes, mechanisms of injury and risk factors of PFUI. In addition, we reviewed the current(More)
We read the article by Dr. Blaschko et al. with interest (1). They reported a 67 year-old diabetic male with persistent leukocytosis despite appropriate antibiotic treatment for pneumonia. After computed tomography (CT) evaluation, a 3.5 centimeter rim enhancing fluid collection at the level of his bulbar urethra was noticed. In the next step, under the(More)
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