Sarah D'Angelo

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We present the design and evaluation of an exhibit on the consequences of overfishing that we deployed at a local aquarium. The exhibit, <i>Fishing with Friends</i>, is a multiplayer game in which visitors compete to earn money by catching fish. As the game progresses, overzealous fishing results in damage to a simulated ocean ecosystem. Our goal is to(More)
Documentation of development is a critical aspect of the work of early childhood education teachers. Through field observations and interviews, we detail the process and tools used in documenting development for children age three months to five-years-old at one school. Teachers use paper forms and printed photos to record and analyze observations of(More)
People utilize eye gaze as an important cue for monitoring attention and coordinating awareness. This study investigates how remote pairs make use of a graphical representation of their partner's eye-gaze during a tightly-coupled collaborative task. Our results suggest that reproducing shared gaze in a remote collaboration setting makes pairs more accurate(More)
Photos are important for a wide variety of documentation purposes, and they play a special role in documenting physical, cognitive, and social changes in young children. This research focuses on the use of photos as evidence of development in preschool children and as a communication medium for current and future interactions. Through field observations and(More)
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