Sarah Cruchet

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The Internet is increasingly being used as a means to search and communicate health information. As the mission of Health on the Net Foundation (HON) is to guide healthcare consumers and professionals to trustworthy online information, we have been interested in seeing the trend of the attitudes towards Internet use for health purposes since 1996. This(More)
Many attempts have been made in the QA domain but no system applicable to the field of health is currently available on the Internet. This paper describes a bilingual French/English question answering system adapted to the health domain and more particularly the detection of the question's model. Indeed, the Question Analyzer module for identifying the(More)
Khresmoi is a European Integrated Project developing a multilingual multimodal search and access system for medical and health information and documents. It addresses the challenges of searching through huge amounts of medical data, including general medical information available on the internet, as well as radiology data in hospital archives. It is(More)
We present an experimental mechanism for enriching web content with quality metadata. This mechanism is based on a simple and well-known initiative in the field of the health-related web, the HONcode. The Resource Description Framework (RDF) format and the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set were used to formalize these metadata. The model of trust proposed is(More)
and Objective The Khresmoi project is developing a multilingual multimodal search and access system for medical and health information and documents. This scientific demonstration presents the current state of the Khresmoi integrated system, which includes components for text and image annotation, semantic search, search by image similarity and machine(More)
Question answering systems try to give precise answers to a user's question posed in natural language. It is of utmost importance that the answers returned are relevant to the user's question. For clinical QA, the trustworthiness of answers is another important issue. Limiting the document collection to certified websites helps to improve the(More)
The Semantic Web appears to acquire new life thanks to the huge new meta-data more or less structured produced through the help of the collaborative paradigm of the Web 2.0. However, from the experience acquired from Web, particular attention must be paid to the qualitative aspect which could be very variable on the Internet. This aspect is all the more(More)
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