Sarah Christine Holland

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The incidence of gonorrhoea in urban Black women seen in an antenatal clinic, a gynaecological clinic and a family planning clinic, was studied. Swabs taken from the urethra, endocervix and rectum were cultured by means of the Clinicult system. The overall incidence of gonorrhoea was 9.7%. In the antenatal clinic the incidence was 2%, in the gynaecological(More)
The experiences of eight young women with excess weight were explored using a semi structured interview consisting of open ended questions and also the Child Attachment Interview (CAI). Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis indicated four group themes around participants' experience of having excess weight; emotional regulation, focus on family(More)
BACKGROUND The selective attention of children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD) to briefly exposed delay-related cues was examined in two experiments using a dot-probe conditioning paradigm. METHOD Colour cues were paired with negatively (i.e., imposition of delay) and positively valenced cues (i.e., escape from or avoidance of delay)(More)
PURPOSE There are currently over 300,000 offenders in England and Wales and the majority, around 240,000, are in the community on probation. However, there is a paucity of research on their health and healthcare needs. The purpose of this paper is to explore issues around health and access to health services for those on probation. In particular the paper(More)
Prostaglandin F2α (PGF2α) is commonly given to female cattle intramuscularly (IM) for the synchronization of estrus. A novel site for administration of PGF2α that improves beef quality assurance is the ischiorectal fossa (IRF). The objective of this study was to determine whether administration of PGF2α in the IRF results in a similar physiologic response(More)
The present study determined whether a 5-day CO-Synch + controlled internal drug release (CIDR) protocol with two doses of PGF2α would improve timed artificial insemination (AI) pregnancy rate compared with 7-day CO-Synch + CIDR protocol in beef cows. Angus cross beef cows (N = 1817) at 12 locations were randomly assigned to 5-day CO-Synch + CIDR or 7-day(More)
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