Sarah Chisholm

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Waves of spontaneous electrical activity that are highly synchronized across large populations of neurones occur throughout the developing mammalian central nervous system. The stages at which this activity occurs are tightly regulated to allow activity-dependent developmental programmes to be initiated correctly. What determines the onset and cessation of(More)
We assemble and reorganize the recent work in the area of hyperelliptic pairings: We survey the research on constructing hyperelliptic curves suitable for pairing-based cryptography. We also showcase the hyperelliptic pairings proposed to date, and develop a unifying framework. We discuss the techniques used to optimize the pairing computation on(More)
Artificial light pollution is drastically changing the sensory environments of animals. Even though many animals are now living in these changed environments, the effect light pollution has on animal behavior is poorly understood. We investigated the effect of light pollution on nocturnal vigilance in peahens (Pavo cristatus). Captive peahens were exposed(More)
Cardiac Adjustment Scale (CAS) scores for 74 cardiac patients between 31 and 64 years of age who completed a comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program were examined to determine whether they could predict return to work, judged adjustment to cardiac disability, and participation in the rehabilitation program. CAS scores proved to be unrelated to either(More)
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