Sarah Chisholm

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We assemble and reorganize the recent work in the area of hyperelliptic pairings: We survey the research on constructing hyperelliptic curves suitable for pairing-based cryptography. We also showcase the hyperelliptic pairings proposed to date, and develop a unifying framework. We discuss the techniques used to optimize the pairing computation on(More)
  • Jessica L. Yorzinski, Sarah Chisholm, Sydney D Byerley, Jeanee R. Coy, Aisyah Aziz, Jamie A. Wolf +2 others
  • 2015
Artificial light pollution is drastically changing the sensory environments of animals. Even though many animals are now living in these changed environments, the effect light pollution has on animal behavior is poorly understood. We investigated the effect of light pollution on nocturnal vigilance in peahens (Pavo cristatus). Captive peahens were exposed(More)
Faltings' theorem states that curves of genus g > 2 have finitely many rational points. Using the ideas of Faltings, Mumford, Parshin and Raynaud, one obtains an upper bound on the upper bound on the number of rational points [Szp85], XI, §2, but this bound is too large to be used in any reasonable sense. In 1985, Coleman showed [Col85] that Chabauty's(More)
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