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Newly developed high-speed, synchrotron-based X-ray computed microtomography enabled us to directly image pore-scale displacement events in porous rock in real time. Common approaches to modeling macroscopic fluid behavior are phenomenological, have many shortcomings, and lack consistent links to elementary pore-scale displacement processes, such as Haines(More)
Mutations in mtDNA-encoded components of the mitochondrial translational apparatus are associated with diverse pathological states in humans, notably sensorineural deafness. To develop animal models of such disorders, we have manipulated the nuclear gene for mitochondrial ribosomal protein S12 in Drosophila (technical knockout, tko). The prototypic mutant(More)
Aeration of the lung and the transition to air-breathing at birth is fundamental to mammalian life and initiates major changes in cardiopulmonary physiology. However, the dynamics of this process and the factors involved are largely unknown, because it has not been possible to observe or measure lung aeration on a breath-by-breath basis. We have used the(More)
While there is currently a validated dance-specific exercise method of measuring aerobic fitness, no such test has been developed to measure high intensity capabilities in dance. The purpose of this study was to initiate an intermittent high intensity dance-specific fitness test. The test was designed to be able to observe changes in heart rate (HR),(More)
We present a time-resolved tomographic reconstruction of the velocity field associated with pulsatile blood flow through a rotationally-symmetric stenotic vessel model. The in-vitro sample was imaged using propagation-based phase contrast with monochromated X-rays from a synchrotron undulator source, and a fast shutter-synchronized detector with(More)
In this report we show that synchrotron X-ray radiography is a powerful method to study liquid-air interface penetration through opaque microtextured surface roughness, leading to wetting transition. We investigate this wetting phenomenon in the context of sessile drop evaporation, and establish that liquid interface sinking into the surface texture is(More)
Rats display little to no haversian remodeling of cortical bone. This fact, combined with the endochondral formation of cortical bone, means that rat femoral cortical bone contains highly mineralized cartilage islands in a central band of mid-femoral cross sections. We demonstrate that these islands have a significantly higher degree of mineralization than(More)
Floods can completely submerge terrestrial plants but some wetland species can sustain O2 and CO2 exchange with the environment via gas films forming on superhydrophobic leaf surfaces. We used high resolution synchrotron X-ray phase contrast micro-tomography in a novel approach to visualise gas films on submerged leaves of common cordgrass (Spartina(More)
Phase contrast x-ray imaging (PCXI) is a promising imaging modality, capable of sensitively differentiating soft tissue structures at high spatial resolution. However, high sensitivity often comes at the cost of a long exposure time or multiple exposures per image, limiting the imaging speed and possibly increasing the radiation dose. Here, we demonstrate a(More)
For dynamic samples and/or for simple ease-of-use experiments, single-image phase contrast tomography is a very effective method for the 3D visualization of materials which would otherwise be indiscernible in attenuation based x-ray imaging. With binary samples (e.g. air-material) and monochromatic wavefields a transport-of-intensity (TIE)-based phase(More)