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A microwell array device capable of measuring single-cell oxygen consumption rates.
Due to interest in cell population heterogeneity, the development of new technology and methodologies for studying single cells has dramatically increased in recent years. The ideal single cellExpand
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A retinal scanning display system that produces multiple focal planes with a deformable membrane mirror
Abstract A microelectromechanical system (MEMS) deformable membrane mirror is used to generate realistic 3D depth cues by variable focus. The monocular laser scanning display creates multiple focalExpand
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Direct measurement of oxygen consumption rates from attached and unattached cells in a reversibly sealed, diffusionally isolated sample chamber.
Oxygen consumption is a fundamental component of metabolic networks, mitochondrial function, and global carbon cycling. To date there is no method available that allows for replicate measurements onExpand
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Interface of an array of five capillaries with an array of one-nanoliter wells for high-resolution electrophoretic analysis as an approach to high-throughput chemical cytometry.
We report a system that allows the simultaneous aspiration of one or more cells into each of five capillaries for electrophoresis analysis. A glass wafer was etched to create an array of 1-nL wells.Expand
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50.4: Three-dimensional Virtual Retinal Display System using a Deformable Membrane Mirror
A deformable membrane mirror is being used to generate multiple focal planes within a scanned light display, or virtual retinal display (VRD). Expand
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Phosphorescence lifetime based oxygen micro-sensing using a digital micromirror device.
A digital light modulation microscope (DLMM) that utilizes a digital micromirror device (DMD) on an epifluorescence microscope has been developed to modulate excitation light in spatial and temporalExpand
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Augmented retinal light scanning display for low vision: Effect of text color and background on reading performance
Color contrast provides little or no improvement in reading speed for low vision observers (Legge et al., 1990). Expand
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Single-Cell Oxygen Consumption Measurements in Bacteria Using a Microobservation Chamber
Respiration can be a powerful parameter for assessing the physiological state of cells or aiding in determining metabolic functions of cells in a natural sample. Both of these approaches benefit fromExpand
Microprinting of On-Chip Cultures: Patterning of Yeast Cell Microarrays Using Concanavalin-A Adhesion
Microprinting has been demonstrated effective in the patterning of surface regions for trapping cells used within microfluidic devices. In this study a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) silicone elastomerExpand
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