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Effects of macroalgal species identity and richness on primary production in benthic marine communities.
Plant biodiversity can enhance primary production in terrestrial ecosystems, but biodiversity effects are largely unstudied in the ocean. We conducted a series of field and mesocosm experiments toExpand
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Rapid phase-shift reversal on a Jamaican coral reef
Many Caribbean reefs have experienced a phase-shift in community structure, the principle features being a decline in coral cover and an increase in macroalgal biomass. However, one JamaicanExpand
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Habitat complexity and consumer‐mediated positive feedbacks on a Caribbean coral reef
Theoretical and empirical evidence suggest that positive feedbacks can increase resilience in ecological communities. On Caribbean coral reefs, there have been striking shifts from physically complexExpand
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Partitioning the effects of algal species identity and richness on benthic marine primary production
Influential research in terrestrial habitats indicates that several ecosystem processes are related to plant biodiversity, yet these links remain poorly studied in marine ecosystems. We conducted oneExpand
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Relative and interactive effects of plant and grazer richness in a benthic marine community.
The interactive effects of changing biodiversity of consumers and their prey are poorly understood but are likely to be important under realistic scenarios of biodiversity loss and gain. We performedExpand
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Competitive displacement of a detritivorous salt marsh snail
Abstract Here we examine the role of competitive interactions in controlling distributions of the most abundant omnivore–detritivore snails in East Coast U.S. salt marshes (Melampus bidentatus andExpand
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Propagule supply controls grazer community structure and primary production in a benthic marine ecosystem
Early theories of species diversity proposed that communities at equilibrium are saturated with species. However, experiments in plant communities suggest that many communities are unsaturated andExpand
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Macroalgae Has No Effect on the Severity and Dynamics of Caribbean Yellow Band Disease
By removing herbivores and promoting increases in macroalgae, overfishing is thought to indirectly cause coral disease and mortality. We performed three field manipulations to test the generalExpand
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Propagule supply limits grazer richness equally across a resource gradient
Although the independent effects of propagule supply and resource availability on species diversity are widely recognized, there are conflicting predictions of how resource availability affects theExpand
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A Short History of Willow Hill School