Sarah C. Morgan

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BACKGROUND Maternal diabetes increases risk for congenital malformations, particularly cardiac outflow tract defects. Maternal diabetes inhibits expression of Pax3 in neuroepithelium through hyperglycemia-induced oxidative stress. The neuroepithelium gives rise to the neural crest, and Pax3 expression in cardiac neural crest (CNC) is required for CNC(More)
During neural tube closure, Pax3 is required to inhibit p53-dependent apoptosis. Pax3 is also required for migration of cardiac neural crest (CNC) from the neural tube to the heart and septation of the primitive single cardiac outflow tract into the aorta and pulmonary arteries. Whether Pax3 is required for CNC migration and outflow tract septation by(More)
BACKGROUND Pax3 is a developmental transcription factor that is required for neural tube and neural crest development. We previously showed that inactivating the p53 tumor suppressor protein prevents neural tube and cardiac neural crest defects in Pax3-mutant mouse embryos. This demonstrates that Pax3 regulates these processes by blocking p53 function. Here(More)
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