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OBJECTIVE To examine the pattern of association between microstructure of temporal lobe connections and the breakdown of episodic memory that is a core feature of mild cognitive impairment (MCI). METHODS Twenty-five individuals with MCI and 20 matched controls underwent diffusion MRI and cognitive assessment. Three temporal pathways were reconstructed by(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS The evidence in support of Early Enteral Nutrition (EEN) after upper gastrointestinal surgery is inconclusive. The aim of this study was to determine if EEN improved clinical outcomes and shortened length of hospital stay. METHODS Open, prospective multicentre randomised controlled trial within a regional UK Cancer Network. One hundred(More)
The perception of pain involves the activation of the spinal pathway as well as the supra-spinal pathway, which targets brain regions involved in affective and cognitive processes. Pain and emotions have the capacity to influence each other reciprocally; negative emotions, such as depression and anxiety, increase the risk for chronic pain, which may lead to(More)
Frontally lesioned monkeys (Macaca jasicularis) were significantly impaired relative to controls on a task (similar to that used by Piaget to test the development of object permanency) which required subjects to retrieve a grape hidden under one of three baskets. All monkeys with such lesions completely failed to reach criterion on an additional set of(More)
Inflammation has been implicated in the development of various psychiatric disorders, including depression. However, the neurobehavioral mechanism involved in this relationship remains elusive. This gap in knowledge may best be filled by evaluating elementary neurobehavioral units affected by inflammation rather than behavioral changes in conventional(More)
Despite the importance of handwriting for school readiness and early academic progress, prior research on the development of handwriting has focused primarily on the product rather than the process by which young children write letters. In contrast, in the present work, early handwriting is viewed as involving a suite of perceptual, motor, and cognitive(More)
Network activity in the lateral central amygdala (CeL) plays a crucial role in fear learning and emotional processing. However, the local circuits of the CeL are not fully understood and have only recently begun to be explored in detail. Here, we characterized the intrinsic circuits in the CeL using paired whole-call patch-clamp recordings,(More)
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