Sarah C. Castle

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FCND Discussion Papers contain preliminary material and research results, and are circulated prior to a full peer review in order to stimulate discussion and critical comment. It is expected that most Discussion Papers will eventually be published in some other form, and that their content may also be revised. ABSTRACT Many of the challenges facing children(More)
Microorganisms are vital in mediating the earth's biogeochemical cycles; yet, despite our rapidly increasing ability to explore complex environmental microbial communities, the relationship between microbial community structure and ecosystem processes remains poorly understood. Here, we address a fundamental and unanswered question in microbial ecology:(More)
The ecological mechanisms driving community succession are widely debated, particularly for microorganisms. While successional soil microbial communities are known to undergo predictable changes in structure concomitant with shifts in a variety of edaphic properties, the causal mechanisms underlying these patterns are poorly understood. Thus, to(More)
et Mamadou Kani Konaté, chef du Programme pour les femmes, la famille et le développement au Centre d'Études et de Recherche sur la Population pour le Dé-veloppement à Bamako (Mali). Sarah Castle est confé-rencière au Centre for Population Studies à la London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, à Londres. Les auteurs remercient la Rockefeller(More)
  • Patrice L E N G L E I, Sarah Castle, P U R N I M A M E N O N
  • 2009
Alrstraet-Many of the challenges facing children now are a function of changing times, including increase in urbanization, political violence, changing family forms, and in some areas decreased supplies of adequate food. This review focuses particularly on those changes in which children are the victims and which induce new threats for them, rather than on(More)
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