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The expected universal dynamics associated with the initial stage of droplet coalescence are difficult to study visually due to the rapid motion of the liquid and the awkward viewing geometry. Here we employ an electrical method to study the coalescence of two low-viscosity droplets at early times. We measure the growth dynamics of the bridge connecting the(More)
  • Sarah C Case
  • Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and…
  • 2009
An electrical method is used to study the early stages of coalescence of two low-viscosity drops. A drop of aqueous NaCl solution is suspended in air above a second drop of the same solution, which is grown until the drops touch. At that point a rapidly widening bridge forms between them. By measuring the resistance and capacitance of the system during this(More)
In selective withdrawal, fluid is withdrawn through a nozzle suspended above the flat interface separating two immiscible, density-separated fluids of viscosities nu(upper) and nu(lower) = lambda nu(upper). At low withdrawal rates, the interface gently deforms into a hump. At a transition withdrawal rate, a spout of the lower fluid becomes entrained with(More)
The patient with ARDS presents a particular challenge to critical care nurses and other members of the health care team. The key to effective nursing management of the patient with ARDS is astute observation of the high-risk patient, particularly the trauma patient who has had chest trauma or cardiac or pulmonary contusion. Continual monitoring of arterial(More)
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