Sarah Burton

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Intermittent energy harvesting devices often have difficulties in harvesting the peak energy generated due to battery power limitations, which increase the size and cost of the device. This paper discusses a power electronics module (PEM) that is used to extract power from a human energy harvesting device according to the user's desired difficulty level(More)
Many inverter topologies have been proposed to eliminate the leakage current of transformerless Full Bridge Grid-Tied photovoltaic (PV) inverters. These include implementations such as the H5, H6, and HERIC topologies, among others. In this paper, a new full bridge topology synthesis method, called the MN synthesis method, is proposed. The MN method(More)
A spectroscopic investigation of complexes used to catalyze the oxidative carbonylation of toluene to p-toluic acid was conducted. Rhodium complexes were analyzed by (103)Rh and (13)C NMR, UV-visible spectroscopy, and infrared spectroscopy. In the presence of vanadium and oxygen, the resting state of the Rh-catalyst was found to exist as a Rh(III) complex(More)
An improved synthesis of a 3,4 hydroxypyridinone (HOPO) functionalized mesoporous silica is described. Higher 3,4-HOPO monolayer ligand loadings have been achieved, resulting in better performance. Performance improvements were demonstrated with the capture of U(VI) from human blood, plasma and filtered river water.
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