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The odorous steroid compound 4,16-androstadien-3-one (androstadienone), found in axillary sweat, was previously reported to evoke hypothalamic activation in heterosexual women, but not in heterosexual men. However, subjects were exposed to the pure crystalline form of androstadienone, which raised the question whether the observed hypothalamic response is(More)
BACKGROUND Working memory disturbances are a frequently replicated finding in schizophrenia and less consistent also in schizoaffective disorder. Working memory dysfunctions have been shown to be heritable and have been proposed to represent a promising endophenotype of schizophrenic psychoses. METHODS In the present study, we investigated the effects of(More)
An urgent need exists to identify innovative and evidence-based educational methods to help oncology nurses provide safe and high-quality patient care. One promising solution is the dedicated education unit (DEU) educational model, which partners nursing faculty and skilled nursing clinicians to facilitate the clinical experience of undergraduate(More)
Adolescents with gender dysphoria (GD) may be treated with gonadotropin releasing hormone analogs (GnRHa) to suppress puberty and, thus, the development of (unwanted) secondary sex characteristics. Since adolescence marks an important period for the development of executive functioning (EF), we determined whether the performance on the Tower of London task(More)
Online news, microblogs and other media documents all contain valuable insight regarding events and responses to events. Underlying these documents is the concept of framing, a process in which communicators act (consciously or unconsciously) to construct a point of view that encourages facts to be interpreted by others in a particular manner. As media(More)
The odorous steroid androstadienone, a putative male chemo-signal, was previously reported to evoke sex differences in hypothalamic activation in adult heterosexual men and women. In order to investigate whether puberty modulated this sex difference in response to androstadienone, we measured the hypothalamic responsiveness to this chemo-signal in 39(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether induced mood alters health reports. DESIGN Randomized experiments testing a) mood influence on two global self-rated health (SRH) assessments (Study 1; N = 168) and b) testing whether illness relevant thinking moderates the influence of induced negative mood on SRH and physical symptom reports (Study 2; N = 143). MAIN(More)
This study evaluates a pilot careers service for junior doctors provided by a non-medical careers adviser. Evaluation forms and interviews indicate high satisfaction with this service. The junior doctors valued help with CVs and interviews, information regarding career routes and meetings with senior doctors arranged by the adviser. A longitudinal survey(More)
UNLABELLED Courses that are part of a longer-term planned programme of continuing education are more likely to impact on the practice of dentists than short course interventions.This study assessed the impact of a part-time, five-year Master of Science (MSc) programme at the School of Dentistry, University of Birmingham, designed specifically for general(More)