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Development and validation of a World-Wide-Web-based neurocognitive assessment battery: WebNeuro
Assessment of neurocognitive functioning is a critical task in many clinical, educational, service, and industrial settings. We report on descriptive and validation data of a new,Expand
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An fMRI examination of visual integration in schizophrenia.
Behavioral and electrophysiological studies of schizophrenia have consistently demonstrated impairments in the integration of visual features into unified perceptual representations. Specific brainExpand
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Increased fusiform area activation in schizophrenia during processing of spatial frequency-degraded faces, as revealed by fMRI.
BACKGROUND People with schizophrenia demonstrate perceptual organization impairments, and these are thought to contribute to their face processing difficulties. METHOD We examined the neuralExpand
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Perceptual organization and visual search processes during target detection task performance in schizophrenia, as revealed by fMRI
BACKGROUND Past studies of perceptual organization in schizophrenia have demonstrated impairments binding fragmented stimulus components into unified representations. ERP and fMRI data indicate thatExpand
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Attention shaping: a reward-based learning method to enhance skills training outcomes in schizophrenia.
Disturbances in sustained attention commonly interfere with the ability of persons with schizophrenia to benefit from evidence-based psychosocial treatments. Cognitive remediation interventions haveExpand
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The effect of cocaine on rotarod performance in male C57BL/6J mice
There is surprisingly little research examining the effect of cocaine on motor learning. Given that changes in motor activity can confound behavioral assays of learning and memory a direct assessmentExpand
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