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IAN Amines: Chiral C2-Symmetric Zirconium(IV) Complexes from Readily Modified Axially Chiral C1-Symmetric β-Diketimines
A general synthesis of β-diketimines derived from Isoquinoline and AminoNaphthalene components (IAN amines) is reported. Beginning from inexpensive 2-naphthol and isoquinoline, the sequence ofExpand
Synthesis of functional "top-half" partial structures of azinomycin a and B.
The design and synthesis of a detailed series of functional "top-half" substructures of azinomycin A and B is described.
A Remarkably Facile Zirconium(IV) → Aluminum(III) β-Diketiminate Transmetalation That Also Results in a More Active Olefin Polymerization Catalyst upon Activation
(R-IAN)2ZrX2 complexes, where X = NMe2, Cl, have recently emerged as effective olefin polymerization precatalysts bearing chiral ligands formally of the β-diketimine class. An attempt to exchangeExpand
Enantioenriched axially chiral β-diketimines: Determination of the IAN-amine barrier to atropisomerization
Enantioenriched (>98% ee) β-diketimines derived from Isoquinoline and 2-Amino Naphthalene ('IAN-amines') were prepared. Thermal racemization of a series of R-IAN amines (R = NH 2 , NHMe, NMe 2 )Expand