Sarah B Nyenhuis

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The Ca2+-sensor synaptotagmin-1 that triggers neuronal exocytosis binds to negatively charged membrane lipids (mainly phosphatidylserine (PtdSer) and phosphoinositides (PtdIns)) but the molecular details of this process are not fully understood. Using quantitative thermodynamic, kinetic and structural methods, we show that synaptotagmin-1 (from Rattus(More)
C2 domains are independently folded modules that often target their host proteins to anionic membranes in a Ca2+-dependent manner. In these cases, membrane association is triggered by Ca2+ binding to the negatively charged loop region of the C2 domain. Here, we used a non-native metal ion, Cd2+, in lieu of Ca2+ to gain insight into the contributions made by(More)
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