Sarah Anne Wong

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Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the most common movement neurodegenerative movement disorder. An incomplete understanding of the molecular pathways involved in its pathogenesis impedes the development of effective disease-modifying treatments. To address this gap, we have previously generated a Drosophila model of PD that overexpresses PD pathogenic mutant form(More)
  • Cynthia W. Weick, Samuel J. Costigan, Lindsey J. Cunningham, Shelly R. Zeiser, Jackson A. Campbelll, MIchael C. Feliz +7 others
  • 2015
T ravelling from Hong Kong to Dimen, China, requires a full day. The journey begins with a metro and high-speed train ride to a modern airport in the booming manufacturing center of Guangzhou. From there an Embraer jet shoots through oversized cumulus clouds and lands on the single runway at the Liping airport in Guizhou Province. A van navigates miles of(More)
The design of anesthetic protocols for frogs is commonly hindered by lack of information. Results from fishes and rodents do not always apply to frogs, and the literature in anurans is concentrated on a few species. We report on the response of treefrogs (Hyla chrysoscelis and H. versicolor) to tricaine methanesulfonate. Body mass did not differ(More)
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