Sarah A M G Scrase-Field

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Auxin is a key plant hormone that regulates various aspects of plant development. However, the mechanisms integrating auxin growth effects with stress responses are not fully understood. In this study, we investigated the possible role of calmodulin-binding transcription activator 1 (CAMTA1), an Arabidopsis thaliana calcium/calmodulin-binding transcription(More)
The calcium-signature hypothesis has evolved as a concept to explain specificity in signaling pathways that utilise calcium as a second messenger. In plant biology, this hypothesis was purely conceptual and based only upon correlative observations until recently. In the past few years, however, empirical data have emerged from experiments that were(More)
A transient increase in cytosolic Ca2+ concentration ([Ca2+]cyt) is thought to be a prerequisite for an appropriate physiological response to both chilling and salt stress. The [Ca2+]cyt is raised by Ca2+ influx to the cytosol from the apoplast and/or intracellular stores. It has been speculated that different signals mobilise Ca2+ from different stores,(More)
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