Sarah A. Dahab

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Measuring specific software quality requirements in a continuous way and at runtime all along the development processes is crucial. Moreover, considering principles of measurement theory, it is still very complex to integrate green metrics in a common standardized and autonomous framework. In our approach, we propose an automated solution based on(More)
The quality of software engineering has always been of high importance for many actors. With the complexity of the platforms and its components, this is nowadays becoming crucial at each level in order to detect the eventual defects. Due to that complexity, the current measurement and analysis processes become heavier. Indeed, either for runtime monitoring,(More)
In cancer patients, pharmacokinetic variations between individuals and within individuals due to impairments in organs’ function and other reasons such as genetic polymorphisms represent a major problem in disease management, which can result in unpredictable toxicity and variable antineoplastic effects. Addressing pharmacokinetic variations in cancer(More)
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