Sarah A. Collins

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PURPOSE Effective interdisciplinary exchange of patient information is an essential component of safe, efficient, and patient-centered care in the intensive care unit (ICU). Frequent handoffs of patient care, high acuity of patient illness, and the increasing amount of available data complicate information exchange. Verbal communication can be affected by(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to compare the incidence of perioperative complications in obese and normal-weight patients who undergo vaginal urogynecologic surgery. STUDY DESIGN A retrospective cohort analysis was conducted for obese patients (body mass index, > or = 30 kg/m2) who underwent vaginal surgery and who were matched with patients(More)
OBJECTIVE We sought to compare recovery of activity and pain control after robotic (ROB) vs abdominal (ABD) sacral colpopexy. STUDY DESIGN Women undergoing ROB and ABD sacral colpopexy wore accelerometers for 7 days preoperatively and the first 10 days postoperatively. They completed postoperative pain diaries and Short Form-36 questionnaires before and(More)
Interest in studying distractions and interruptions in the context of clinician workflow has increased in light of evidence that these events may negatively impact patient safety. Additionally, many recent informatics-based studies analyze computer provider order entry (CPOE) and clinical information system (CIS) implementation and its effects on clinician(More)
OBJECTIVE To systematically review current health literacy (HL) instruments for use in consumer-facing and mobile health information technology screening and evaluation tools. DESIGN The databases, PubMed, OVID, Google Scholar, Cochrane Library and Science Citation Index, were searched for health literacy assessment instruments using the terms "health",(More)
Building on our institution's commercial electronic health record and custom personal health record Web portal, we developed a tablet computer application to provide interactive information to hospital patients. Using Apple iPad devices, the prototype application was provided to five patients in a cardiology step-down unit. We conducted detailed interviews(More)
OBJECTIVE Healthcare delivery organizations are increasingly using online personal health records (PHRs) to provide patients with direct access to their clinical information; however, there may be a lack of consistency in the data made available. We aimed to understand the general use and functionality of PHRs and the organizational policies and(More)
Malformations of cortical development containing dysplastic neuronal and glial elements, including hemimegalencephaly and focal cortical dysplasia, are common causes of intractable paediatric epilepsy. In this study we performed multiplex targeted sequencing of 10 genes in the PI3K/AKT pathway on brain tissue from 33 children who underwent surgical(More)
AIM This paper is a report of a study examining the experience of adults with cystic fibrosis in adapting to the diagnosis of diabetes, a second chronic illness. BACKGROUND Diabetes is a common complication of cystic fibrosis; the onset signifies the development of a second chronic illness. Both cystic fibrosis and diabetes are complex conditions, which(More)
OBJECTIVE Several studies have provided insights into the conditions for successful patient involvement in health research. We recently demonstrated that long-term engagement with people with rheumatic conditions in international outcome research led to significant changes in the research agenda in the field of rheumatology. This article explores(More)