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To determine the sensitivity and specificity of the radiographic detection of calculus, 275 proximal tooth surfaces from 18 patients were evaluated. Standardized periapical radiographs obtained before extraction were coded, batch processed, and evaluated independently by two investigators under optimum viewing conditions. After extraction, the teeth were(More)
We assessed the presence and extent of calculus on subgingival root surfaces of teeth that received scaling and root planing (S/RP) alone, S/RP with modified Widman flap, or no treatment. After extraction, each surface was examined to determine the pocket depth (PD), area of root surface exposed to the pocket (A), and amount of pocket area showing retained(More)
Sites affected with adult periodontitis were observed for 3 months to compare their clinical and microbiologic responses to a single 2 g dose of metronidazole, scaling and root planing, or no treatment. 2 sites with probing depths greater than or equal to 5 mm in each of 18 female subjects (6 in each treatment group) were evaluated clinically (plaque and(More)
To determine the effect on periodontal health of a daily self-administered irrigation with 0.02% stannous fluoride (SnF2) solution, 28 subjects who had moderate to advanced periodontitis were randomly divided into 3 groups: a control group (n = 9) which used no irrigation, a group (n = 8) which used a self-administered water irrigation device (Water Pik)(More)
Panel members discuss ongoing efforts to preserve and access four different types of historical resources useful to anyone interested in doing research and publication on the history of ASIST and the field of information science and technology generally. Each presenter will conclude with a discussion of areas of weakness/neglect in these resources, and(More)
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