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In response to the increasing loss of native vegetation and biodiversity, a growing number of countries have adopted " offsetting " policies that seek to balance local habitat destruction by restoring, enhancing and/or protecting similar but separate habitat. Although these policies often have a stated aim of producing a " net gain " or " no net loss " in(More)
In this quantitative review, we investigate the degree to which landscape ecology studies that use spatial data address spatial uncertainty when conducting analyses. We identify three broad categories of spatial uncertainty that are important in determining the characterisation of landscape pattern and affect the outcome of analysis in landscape ecology:(More)
Remote sensing data type, classification technique and class description act together to produce, large differences in the classification of landcover. The resulting map will vary in the extent, patchiness and accuracy of classified areas. Differences in the classification of a landcover map are the result interrelationships between a number of scale(More)
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