Saraghina M D da Cunha

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We report the design, synthesis, in vitro evaluation against Leishmania amazonensis (IC(50)), cytotoxicity assays in macrophages (CC(50)), and selectivity index (SICC(50)/IC(50)) of sixteen new congeners aromatic Morita-Baylis-Hillman adducts 1-16. The 1-16 were prepared in good to excellent yields (58%-97%) from the "one pot" Morita-Baylis-Hillman Reaction(More)
We examine fluctuations in particle density in the restricted-height, conserved stochastic sandpile (CSS). In this and related models, the global particle density is a temperaturelike control parameter. Thus local fluctuations in this density correspond to disorder; if this disorder is a relevant perturbation of directed percolation (DP), then the CSS(More)
We present an advanced algorithm for the determination of watershed lines on Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), which is based on the iterative application of Invasion Percolation (IIP) . The main advantage of our method over previosly proposed ones is that it has a sub-linear time-complexity. This enables us to process systems comprised of up to 10 sites in(More)
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